(513) 481-GEEK (4335)

8016 Beechmont Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45255

OPEN DOOR HOURS: Mon - Sat 11-2

(or you can make an appointment)

SUPPORT HOURS: 9-5 Mon - Fri

New Desktops & Laptops (Desktops still with Windows 7 if you prefer!)

Refurbished Desktops $139 and Up

1-2 Day avg service turnaround

(fastest in town!)



Geek TalkĀ®

Geek Talk has been on Cincinnati's airwaves since 1994, hosted by Doug Neiheisel, owner of DR Micro. This LIVE, call-in-with-your-questions radio show has been featured on such stations as WKRC, SuperTalk FM 96.5, WAIF, ESPN 1160 and most recently on Oldies1480 WDJO.


There's No One Better Than "Best"

Yip, that's us. DR Micro was Cincinnati's Magazine's "Best of Cincinnati" for PC Service. Frankly, it's humbling. Our official slogan has always been "All Computers Businesses Suck--We Suck Less."
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Easy to Find

DR Micro is located at 8016 Beechmont. That's 1 mile east of Anderson Town Centre, kind of equi-distant between 5 and 8 Mile Roads. Between Tide & Dunkin Donuts, right across the street from Subaru. We are open 11-6 Monday through Friday, 11-2 Saturday.
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